Let’s Make Some Music!


Guava the clown doll was feeling restless. The dolls out in the giant backyard dollhouse called Much Ado About Nothing were always having lots of fun adventures. But, Guava lived inside the house with the people,  and he thought that life in that house was altogether too quiet.

Guava looked down at the doll seated on the piano bench below. Guava called down to him, “hey, are you bored?”

Gabe Archie, a little boy doll who had recently been liberated from what he thought had been solitary confinement in the hall closet, squirmed in his seat on the piano bench. IMG_5271


“I am bored!” Gabe Archie replied. “Isn’t there something we an do to liven things up around here?”

“We better do something.” Guava told him. “You know what that husband who lives here always says: If you don’t want to be bored, then stop being boring by doing nothing.”

“I bet the cats who live here enjoy all this quiet.” Gabe Archie said.

“Of course they like the quiet. Those cats sleep all day long!” Guava grumbled.

“Well, what are we going to do then?” Gabe Archie asked.

Guava sat up straighter in his little school desk seat. Let me see if there’s something in here we could do.” Guava lifted the lid of the little school desk. Unfortunately, it was empty. He closed the lid and shook his head. “Nothing to do in there.”

Gabe looked around where he was sitting. “Hey! I could play this piano!”

Guava was intrigued with this idea. “Do you know how to play piano?”

“Not yet, but I bet I could learn!” Gabe Archie grabbed a nearby pillow and seated himself on top of it, so that he could get himself closer to the piano keys. Guava looked down from the top of the piano with interest.


“That’s the spirit!” A little voice called out excitedly.

“Who said that?” Gabe Archie asked.

52099138056__2C59558D-74E1-43A3-9FF7-589A592515A0    “Me! Kewpie!” A tiny little Kewpie doll had just scampered into the room from in the kitchen. Guava and Gabe Archie watched with wide eyes as the tiny Kewpie climbed up the table nearby and made her way onto the piano.

“Where did you come from?” Guava asked Kewpie when he could finally get a good look at her.

“I came home from the antique mall today.” Kewpie told him with a smile.

“Welcome, Kewpie!” Gabe Archie said.

“Thank you. Are you really going to play the piano?” Kewpie asked.

“Yeah! I want to play it.” Gabe Archie said, happily banging on the keys.

“And play it you shall,” Guava told him. “It will give us all something new to listen to other than those three cats snoring.” Kewpie and Gabe Archie giggled.

“When you play, may I sing?” Kewpie asked Gabe Archie, somewhat shyly.

“You can sing?!” Gabe Archie asked.

“I can try!” Kewpie informed him cheerfully.

“Well, this is shaping up to be a real show!” Guava said rubbing his hands together in glee.

“I bet all the dolls out in the dollhouse will wish they could come inside to hear us better once I start playing, and Kewpie starts singing.” Gabe said proudly.

“We will have to be sure to be loud enough for them to hear us from all the way in here,” Kewpie observed.

“Can a tiny doll like yourself make such a sound that big?” Guava asked Kewpie.

“I will sing from my heart, and I’m sure they will be able to hear me,” Kewpie assured Guava.

“What will you sing about?” Gabe Archie asked Kewpie, as he began to play some scales.

“I have a new home today. I’m so happy to be here with you both that I want to celebrate in song.” Kewpie smiled her biggest smile.

“That sounds like it will be fantastic!” Guava encouraged.

“Well, let’s make some music then!” Gabe Archie said as he began to play.

And with that, Gabe Archie began to play a new song, and the new Kewpie doll sang out her first song, straight from her heart.  Guava the clown doll sat back  in his school desk seat and enjoyed their music.

An in the next room, three lazy cats snored on, peacefully slumbering in the late afternoon sun.



© 2017 Iris Baldwin All Rights Reserved.

If You Want to Really Be Like Me…

The Shirley Temple Play Pal doll who lives here at the giant dollhouse called Much Ado About Nothing was the first life-size doll who came to live here. When she arrived, she felt a bit out of place due to being so much larger than all the other dolls. So, to boost her self-confidence she told the smaller dolls that her name was Scary Shirley. Shirley hoped this would make her seem brave when she really wasn’t.

After a while, some other Play Pal dolls joined Scary Shirley here. A couple of them were even bigger than Scary Shirley herself, so she began to feel a bit foolish about telling everyone to call her Scary Shirley when she was no longer the largest doll.

Today, Scary Shirley decided she didn’t think it was fair for her to have a grand wardrobe of clothing all to herself while the other Play Pal girls had only one dress each to wear. So, she decided to share!

Scary Shirley and her Mini-Me, Brook Leigh, laid out all of her outfits for the other girls to choose from.  Scary Shirley told the assembled Play Pal girls, “If you want to really be like me, scary like I am, then the first step I suggest is to wear my clothes.”

Brook-Leigh giggled. “Nobody is really scared of you, you know.”

Scary Shirley’s eyes widened. “Well, you don’t have to say that out loud!”

To break up the tension, Saucy Walker picked up the smart yellow hat sitting on top in one of the boxes. “May I wear this, Scary Shirley?” Saucy Walker, asked a little hesitantly. Book-Leigh let out a tiny sigh of relief that somebody had changed the subject.


Scary Shirley turned to Saucy Walker. “Of course you can! You may wear whichever outfit you like. After all, I can’t wear them all myself..” Scary Shirley smiled, and she and Brook-Leigh both encouraged the other girls to choose what they wanted to wear.

Carrot Top and Joanie felt a little bit overwhelmed by all the choices.


“Gosh, this is lots more dresses to choose from than I’m used to,” Carrot Top told Joanie.

Joanie nodded, her curls bobbing to the rhythm of her nods. “As a nurse’s aide, I’ve only ever worn a uniform. This is really nice to be able to choose something new.”

Eventually all three girls selected new outfits and everyone got changed. They all thanked Scary Shirley nicely for letting her share in her wardrobe of beautiful clothes.

Scary Shirley was very pleased with how they all looked, and as they posed for their new group photo, she declared happily, “We’re ALL Shirley Temple now!”



© 2017 Iris Baldwin All Rights Reserved.