Asking for help isn’t always easy, but…


Those of us who have chronic health conditions we face every day don’t always find it easy to ask for help with our health concerns. I, myself, am living with multiple chronic health issues, both physical and mental, and I don’t always relish the thought of reaching out to doctors or therapists for help when I need it.

Even though it’s not always something I want to do, usually I do feel proud of myself for taking that necessary step to get the help or treatment I need. It can feel isolating to have so many different health issues to keep managing when it seems like everyone around me is out living healthier and easier lives than I am. The truth of the matter though is that I’m not alone. And neither is anyone else out there who is living with chronic health issues. We may feel isolated, but there are many people spending lots of their time managing their health as a full-time endeavor.

So, this post is my friendly reminder to myself, and to every other person out there who is bravely living with chronic health issues. I’m writing this today to remind all of us: We are not alone. We can live quality lives. We just need to allow ourselves to reach out and ask for the help we need, when we need it.

We are all the only versions of each of us who will ever be. We are important, and we do deserve good medical treatment and happiness.




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