Dollhouse Renovations Begin at Winter’s Tale!


The group of dolls who live here in the giant backyard dollhouse known as Much Ado About Nothing are definitely up to something new this month!

Just recently the lovely dollhouse pictured above arrived here for the dolls in residence to fix up. They will all be working together to turn this lovely house into a cozy new home for the tiny porcelain Victorian dollhouse family of dolls who have been living among the larger dolls, but who have been feeling a bit sad and homeless for quite some time. The dollhouse family of dolls are among the tiniest of the all the dolls in residence here at Much Ado About Nothing, and boy are they relieved to finally be getting their own dollhouse to live in!


Before the dollhouse family will be able to begin living in their new home there is plenty of work that will need to be completed. The renovation are going to be run by the butler and the housekeeper, pictured above standing on the balcony of the new dollhouse, who also will be living in the house with the dollhouse family. Once renovations are complete they will begin running the household, and they will make sure that everything runs smoothly for moving day.

When I interviewed them, to learn more about them so I could write this post, I learned that the butler is named John, and the housekeeper is called Carolyn. They explained to me that they took their names from the kind couple who helped this dollhouse make its way into the hands of the perfect new owner. I loved hearing this news, and I told John and Carolyn that by choosing their names in this way they were extending a lovely gesture of gratitude to the kind couple who sold us the dollhouse.  John and Carolyn agreed enthusiastically, and they told me that they are eager to begin overseeing the renovations of the dollhouse, so the house can be given some tender loving care, and so the poor homeless dollhouse family will be able to move in and begin enjoying living in their new home.

Lastly, John and Carolyn informed me that they have spoken with the dollhouse family who will be living in the new dollhouse once renovations are complete. They said the dollhouse family dolls have elected to name their new home “Winter’s Tale” because their lovely new dollhouse home was purchased for them during the the cold season of winter!