About This Site

For several years now I have been attempting to blog on a series of very different topics, and for some reason I always felt obligated to keep all of those blog posts completely isolated from each other by maintaining a series of separate blog sites. That made for very fractured writing, and I didn’t much enjoy it. This website is my merger of all those various blogging sites which I was previously maintaining separately.

In these posts, you’ll find my thoughts and emotional responses to my ongoing craft of playwriting, and stories of my work towards contributing to live theater. Here you will also find my contribution to the current online discussion of the capacity for wellness that can be achieved by persons living with mental health challenges. And finally, I am also happily including in this site, a showcase of the multimedia visual art I create when I’m not playwriting, and also all the whimsical doll and teddy bear photo stories which I create as part of my constant work of refilling my creative well.

Live theater has always been my life, since I was three years old. But there’s much more to my life than sitting alone in my library writing new plays. I feel that in life we are all given minds, and even when our mind are not as healthy as everyone else’s we can still use our minds to make choices that can greatly enhance the lives we live. I believe those choices we make for ourselves will also impact others with whom we interact.

And as for the visual art pieces and the dolls and teddy bears… Well, I think it’s extremely important for everyone, not just creative people, to fully accept and love ourselves exactly as we are. I am also a multimedia artist, and I keep company with dolls and teddy bears. Creating visual art is very peaceful for me, and I often find my dolls and teddy bears creatively inspiring.

So, it is my aim to add my voice to these various online discussions with gratitute, encouragement, and just the right amount of creative whimsy!