Max Finds His Passion

Max was a large teddy bear. He always felt a bit self-conscious about his great size. Many of the other teddy bears who lived in the giant backyard dollhouse called “Much Ado About Nothing” were far smaller than Max. But, Max soon learned that due to his size there were things he could do that the smaller teddy bears could not.


Max could sit at the computer desk and use the computer! The smaller teddy bears certainly couldn’t do that. They couldn’t reach the keyboard. Max’s large arms put him at just the right distance from the computer keys. While Max enjoyed being able to use the computer, he still often felt that something was missing from his life.

One afternoon, Max consulted with two of the smaller teddy bears about how he was feeling about his computer time, and what might be missing from his life. The two smaller teddy bears Max sat on the couch with that day were music bears. Mozart Bear and Strauss Bear both listened politely to Max as he talked about his time at the computer desk, and how he wished to do something more.

“Have you ever considered music?” Mozart Bear asked Max.

“I listen to music on the computer.” Max told him.

“No, no,” Strauss Bear scolded gently. “He means making music!”

“Yes! Have you ever considered making music?” Asked Mozart Bear.

Max felt confused. What were they talking about? “You think I should make music on the computer?” Max asked, doubtfully.

“Not on the computer, on the piano!” Mozart Bear said, grandly.

“Come with us.” Strauss Bear instructed to Max, so he followed the two smaller bears.


Mozart Bear and Strauss Bear climbed up onto the back of the piano, settling themselves in comfortably next to the busts of the great composers, Mozart and Beethoven. Max sat at the piano keyboard, feeling very unsure of himself.

“Now, play.” Mozart Bear commanded. Max stared up at him.

“I don’t know how to play the piano.”

“Are you sure?” Asked Strauss Bear.

“Humans have to take lessons to learn to play piano.” Max told them.

“And, are you a human being?” Mozart asked Max.

“Well, no. I’m a teddy bear.” Max said with a sigh.

“Exactly!” Strauss Bear said. “Just play the keys as if you are typing a letter at the computer. I think you’ll find the results surprisingly pleasant.”

Max stared at Strauss Bear. Could it be that simple? Could teddy bears really play piano without needing lessons?

Max followed the instructions given to him by the two smaller music bears. To his surprise and delight, Max began making music! Max enjoyed playing the piano. He played and played, while Mozart Bear and Strauss Bear looked on, appreciatively listening to the music he made.

After that day Max did not resume his post at the computer keyboard. He stayed at the piano, playing his heart out. Max figured it was alright to not go back to the computer. Max had found what he enjoyed best.

Mozart Bear told Max one day later that perhaps another giant teddy bear would come along eventually who would best love spending time on the computer. So, Max didn’t worry about that any more. He just carried on enjoying making music at the piano. Max had found his passion at last!


Dolly Option Paralysis

Penny PlayPal really loves to play with dolls smaller than she is. Penny is a life size toddler doll, and she always has a great time playing with other dolls here at the giant backyard dollhouse called “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Penny likes littler dolls so much that sometimes she gets to feeling overwhelmed by how many smaller dolls she could play with, and she has a difficult time choosing a single doll to play with at one time.

Just recently I ventured out to the dollhouse to see what was going on out there, and I discovered Penny sitting in the rocking chair, looking pretty overwhelmed.


I asked Penny to tell me what was troubling her since she clearly wasn’t having as much fun as she hoped she would have that day.

“There’s so many little dolls I could play with!” She cried in exasperation. “I don’t know who to choose!”

I sat down across from Penny and looked at her holding all those little dolls in her lap. She really was in a state.

“Penny, how did you end up with all those dolls in your lap at the same time?” I asked her, bewildered.

One of the smaller dolls answered for Penny. It was Camille, the blonde doll in the black dress with polka dots. “We all want to play with Penny because she’s so fun!” The other small dolls all happily nodded in agreement, but Penny didn’t look nearly as happy or pleased with this notion as the little dolls did. Penny just sat there, looking stressed and overwhelmed. She didn’t even know what to say.

I suggested that the smaller dolls go do something on their own for a while and I would talk to Penny. So, Camille and her friends sat down to have a book club meeting.


Once the smaller dolls were situated reading quietly, Penny and I went into another part of the dollhouse to figure out a solution to her problem of selecting a doll to play with. Penny looked longingly around the dollhouse at all the dolls and teddy bears that were there to have fun with.

“It’s just so hard to choose!” Penny said with a long sigh. “Could you help me?” I agreed to help her. Penny did seem quite distressed and I hated to see her feeling so flustered and out of sorts.

I already knew that some human beings can occasionally get to feeling overwhelmed when we have too many things to choose from, but I hadn’t realized that dolls could experience such problems too.

Finally, Penny settled on one doll to play with, but Penny must have still been feeling flustered because when I went to snap a photo of her with the one doll she selected to play with that day – well, the photo below was the result.


“Penny!” I said in alarm when I checked the picture. “You moved her just as I was taking the picture. Half her head isn’t in the picture at all! I can’t use this photo. We need to retake it.”

Penny looked at the photo and then shrugged. “It looks fine to me,” Penny said. “If you want a better picture then stick around and maybe you’ll get one.” Penny then wandered away to play with the regular sized dollhouse I bought for the dolls earlier this year.

Sure enough, Penny and her friend did have some fun playing that day. They played in the dollhouse with Saucy Walker and her other little doll friend.

But, I still didn’t get a single good photo of Penny’s doll friend’s face! Oh well, at least Penny had some fun, and she was able to recover from her dolly option paralysis!