Max Finds His Passion

Max was a large teddy bear. He always felt a bit self-conscious about his great size. Many of the other teddy bears who lived in the giant backyard dollhouse called “Much Ado About Nothing” were far smaller than Max. But, Max soon learned that due to his size there were things he could do that the smaller teddy bears could not.


Max could sit at the computer desk and use the computer! The smaller teddy bears certainly couldn’t do that. They couldn’t reach the keyboard. Max’s large arms put him at just the right distance from the computer keys. While Max enjoyed being able to use the computer, he still often felt that something was missing from his life.

One afternoon, Max consulted with two of the smaller teddy bears about how he was feeling about his computer time, and what might be missing from his life. The two smaller teddy bears Max sat on the couch with that day were music bears. Mozart Bear and Strauss Bear both listened politely to Max as he talked about his time at the computer desk, and how he wished to do something more.

“Have you ever considered music?” Mozart Bear asked Max.

“I listen to music on the computer.” Max told him.

“No, no,” Strauss Bear scolded gently. “He means making music!”

“Yes! Have you ever considered making music?” Asked Mozart Bear.

Max felt confused. What were they talking about? “You think I should make music on the computer?” Max asked, doubtfully.

“Not on the computer, on the piano!” Mozart Bear said, grandly.

“Come with us.” Strauss Bear instructed to Max, so he followed the two smaller bears.


Mozart Bear and Strauss Bear climbed up onto the back of the piano, settling themselves in comfortably next to the busts of the great composers, Mozart and Beethoven. Max sat at the piano keyboard, feeling very unsure of himself.

“Now, play.” Mozart Bear commanded. Max stared up at him.

“I don’t know how to play the piano.”

“Are you sure?” Asked Strauss Bear.

“Humans have to take lessons to learn to play piano.” Max told them.

“And, are you a human being?” Mozart asked Max.

“Well, no. I’m a teddy bear.” Max said with a sigh.

“Exactly!” Strauss Bear said. “Just play the keys as if you are typing a letter at the computer. I think you’ll find the results surprisingly pleasant.”

Max stared at Strauss Bear. Could it be that simple? Could teddy bears really play piano without needing lessons?

Max followed the instructions given to him by the two smaller music bears. To his surprise and delight, Max began making music! Max enjoyed playing the piano. He played and played, while Mozart Bear and Strauss Bear looked on, appreciatively listening to the music he made.

After that day Max did not resume his post at the computer keyboard. He stayed at the piano, playing his heart out. Max figured it was alright to not go back to the computer. Max had found what he enjoyed best.

Mozart Bear told Max one day later that perhaps another giant teddy bear would come along eventually who would best love spending time on the computer. So, Max didn’t worry about that any more. He just carried on enjoying making music at the piano. Max had found his passion at last!


Sharing Doesn’t Always Come Easily….

When we are small, we human beings are usually taught by our parents to share with others. Many of us have siblings, and our siblings are usually the first people with whom we learn to share. When it’s first presented to us, many of us aren’t entirely happy about the prospect of learning to share with our siblings, or anyone else either, but in many cases that is where we start learning this important concept.

The dolls who live here in the giant backyard dollhouse known as “Much Ado About Nothing” also have learned to share. Some of them are very skilled at it. Others are less adept at it.

A recent example of sharing among the dolls here happened recently when a new doll came to live here. When the new doll arrived she brought along with her a couple of items which gave the other dolls the impression that she was ready to share, straight out of her shipping box! However, Fran Naomi had other ideas about the items she brought along with her form her previous home.

Compared to many of the other dolls who have joined my doll collection over the years, Fran Naomi arrived with quite a lot of luggage. Fran Naomi is pictured below on the left. She is the doll with the curls in the blue overall dress and the pink. blouse.

The first doll who Fran Naomi met when she arrived here was Portia Genie. Portia Genie is the doll on the left in the photo above, who wears her hair in braids.


Fran Naomi arrived home accompanied by her very own traveling companion. He is the small oatmeal colored teddy bear seated in her lap in the photo below. Upon her arrival, Fran Naomi  explained to Portia Genie that her teddy bear’s name is in fact, “Oatmeal.” She said that she calls him this name because of his color, and also because the texture of his coat reminds her of oatmeal.

When Fran Naomi arrived she also brought with her an extra pair of shoes. In the photo below the extra shoes are still safely stowed away inside the zip lock baggie that they were stored in while Fran Naomi and Oatmeal were traveling here.

When Fran Naomi and Portia Genie first met, Portia Genie was busy, involved in her own imaginative play with two much smaller dolls, and a soft cuddly Classic Winnie the Pooh teddy bear. Portia Genie was wearing boys shoes when Fran Naomi first arrived and the two dolls discussed this when they met.

Fran Naomi saw that Portia Genie had two dolls she was playing with, and she also noticed that Portia Genie was wearing boys shoes. Fran Naomi though to herself that she was very glad she had two pairs of nice girl’s shoes for herself, but she wished she could have a doll to play with along with her teddy bear like Portia Genie had.

Portia Genie is a friendly and good-natured doll. She plays very well with others. And Portia Genie has always had a very generous and giving nature. When Portia Genie and Fran Naomi first met she quickly discovered that unlike herself, Fran Naomi was doll who was not accustomed to sharing with others. Portia Genie hoped this was not due to Fran Naomi being selfish. Portia Genie figured that it likely meant that Fran Naomi came to live in the giant backyard dollhouse from a household where all the dolls had many possessions that were just theirs alone.




I overheard the conversation that Portia Genie and Fran Naomi had that day, and it went like this:

Fran Naomi: Those little dolls you’re playing with look like fun.

Portia Genie: Oh yes, it’s always fun to play with other dolls. We have lots of fun here.

Fran Naomi: I see you also have a teddy bear.

Portia Genie: Yes, he’s Pooh Bear. You know, from the stories?

Fran Naomi: Of course. I have a teddy too. His name is Oatmeal. You know, like the mushy cereal.

Portia Genie: I like oatmeal. Especially with cinnamon and sugar!

Fran Naomi: I prefer Fruit Loops myself, but he looks like oatmeal, so… Why are you wearing boys shoes?

Portia Genie: They’re comfortable. And we don’t have very many pairs of girls shoes for all the girl dolls who are here. I see you have two pairs of girls shoes. That’s really nice.

Fran Naomi: It is. I can wear the shoes that lace up or I can wear the Mary Jane shoes.

Portia Genie: Gosh, it must be nice to have options like that.

Fran Naomi: Yeah, it is.

Portia Genie:  Do you want to play with us? You and Oatmeal?

Fran Naomi: Sure, that would be fun.

Portia Genie: I’ll play with Pooh Bear and Britney. Do you want to play with Oatmeal and Bailey?

Fran Naomi: You’re going to let me play with your doll? Just like that?

Portia Genie: Of course! You’re new and I want you to feel at home. This is your home now too, after all.

Fran Naomi: Gosh. That’s really nice. I didn’t expect anyone here to be so nice to me.

Portia Genie: Well, Britney and Bailey like to play, but they’re both a little bit shy so they often don’t say much when we play.

Fran Naomi: I see. You really don’t have any girls shoes for you to wear?

Portia Genie: No, I don’t. I don’t mind though. These shoes are comfortable. It would be nice to have some pretty Mary Janes like yours someday though. I’m sure I’ll get to wear pretty girls shoes eventually.

Fran Naomi: You’re not going to ask to wear mine?

Portia Genie: Oh, no. Those are yours. I wouldn’t ask to wear your shoes.

Fran Naomi: But you’re going to let me play with Britney.

Portia Genie: Yes, that doesn’t mean I want something from you.

Fran Naomi: Wow. That’s not the way I think at all. You’re a lot nicer than me.

Portia Genie: You can be nice too.

Fran Naomi: You think so?

Portia Genie: Of course. Anybody can be nice if they want to be.

Fran Naomi: Huh. I hadn’t really thought of it like that before.

Portia Genie: What do you want to play together? A game? Make believe?

Fran Naomi: Well, I can’t just sit here and play with you and Britney and Bailey while you’re having to wear boys shoes. So, why don’t you try on my Mary Jane shoes. I bet they’re just as comfy as your boys shoes.

Portia Genie: Are you sure? You said you’re not really nice like that.

Fran Naomi: Well, I haven’t been before, but like you said, I can be nice if I really want to be.

Portia Genie: Wow. Okay. Thanks a lot! They’re really pretty shoes.

Then Fran Naomi and the two littler dolls, Britney and Bailey, all waited for Portia Genie to switch shoes before they began to play. They all seemed happier once I was able to catch them in this last photo. Sharing didn’t come easily to Fran Naomi, but she was happy when she finally did choose to share.


Skating the Doxies!


There was once a doll here in my collection who I named for my own self. She was my mini-me. When she was here she had lots of grand adventures. Her name, like mine, is Iris-Petra. Just recently, Iris Petra has moved away to become my Doll Play Ambassador to Wyoming. (Scary Shirley, my Shirley Temple PlayPal doll is the only individual here now who has her own mini-me. She prefers it that way.) Though she is now off having adventures in the midwest, I am pleased to be able to share some of Iris-Petra’s past adventures with you all here.

When she lived here, Iris-Petra had two great loves. One was teddy bears, a love which we shared. Her other love was dogs. I personally am NOT a dog person, at all. Iris-Petra however loved dogs. She made a couple of trips to the Build-a-Bear  Workshop when she was here, which I will share one of in a future photo story. The other trip she made to the Build-a-Bear Workshop was to create herself a pair of dogs. Iris-Petra named her Doxies, pictured above, Oscar Meyer (the boy) and Honey Dijon (the girl.) When we went to the Build-a-Bear Workshop to acquire Iris-Petra’s dogs she declared that since Doxies have short little legs she thought they would need help getting around with her since her legs are so much longer than theirs. We remedied this problem by getting roller skates for the pair of dogs.

Once she brought her new pets home, Iris-Petra wanted to share them with her teddy bear friends. So, here you see Iris-Petra taking Oscar Meyer and Honey Dijon out for their very first skate with a pair of her teddy bear friends. They all had a lovely time together that day, and the Doxies weren’t at all tired out. In Iris-Petra’s new home in Wyoming she gets to play whenever she likes with a very real dog called Ginger, so I feel certain that she’s loving her new vocation as Doll Play Ambassador to Wyoming!


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